Affordable Care Act Update

As we get closer to 2014, more and more aspects of the Affordable Care Act will begin.  Two of those start in the next few weeks on October 1.

First, consumers and some businesses will be able to start shopping for healthcare on the Health Insurance Marketplace.  You can learn more about how this will affect your business by visiting

Second, there is a new requirement that prior to October 1 employers must notify employees about the healthcare benefits offered by their employer.  The Department of Labor has created two model forms and you can find copies of them on our website here.

The one thing we can say for certain about the Affordable Care Act is that there is still a lot of uncertainty.  One of our plans for this new newsletter is to use it to keep you up to date on what your business needs to do to stay compliant.

If you have any questions, remember that we are always here to help.

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